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About MatNet Slovakia

The virtual network MatNet links Slovak scientific, academic and industrial institutions dealing with research and development in the field of engineering materials and accompanying technologies in order to enable more efficient transfer of knowledge on modern materials and processes into Slovak industrial companies. This network for technological innovations was established in 2006 under the project: “Creation of Virtual Network for R&D in the Field of Engineering Materials and Technologies”, which is financially supported by European Social Found.

The network MatNet is at present created by co-operation of 9 Institutions from region of Bratislava (5 institutions of Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2 faculties of Slovak Technical University and 2 private research institutions):
Institute of Materials & Machine Mechanics, SAS
Institute of Electrical Engineering, SAS
Institute of Physics, SAS
Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, SAS
Polymer Institute, SAS
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering STU
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology STU
PRVÁ ZVÁRAČSKÁ (The First Welding Company), Inc., Bratislava
International Laser Centre, Bratislava

Web portal MatNet - Slovakia, a communication platform of the network, has been already established in region of Bratislava and its further enlargement to the whole Slovakia is assumed because of the enormous potential of huge capital investments as the consequence of recent very extensive expansion of Slovak automotive industry.

The structure of web portal MatNet - Slovakia is built up of several chapters mainly in Slovak language:
MATERIALS (basic information about various families of engineering materials, such as metals, polymers, ceramics, glasses, composites, etc.),

PROCESSES (basic principles of most frequently used production processes),

MATERIAL TESTING (facilities for testing of basic mechanical, physical and structural properties of materials),

EXPERT SYSTEM (information about experts, contacts, possibility of communication with experts, forum of discussions, etc.),

EDUCATION (e-learning, announcements of educational courses and seminars organized by the network MatNet),
e-learning - Materials and Product Design (article by Mike Ashby)

NEWS AND ADVERTISEMENTS (information for material professionals, scientific and industrial news, calendar of conferences, seminars, workshops, trade fairs, etc.),

INSTITUTIONS (list of Slovak and foreign research institutions, material producers and traders, professional associations, etc.),

PUBLICATIONS (scientific journals, books with full text access, patents, technical norms, etc.),
Scientific Journals

USEFUL LINKS (links of web sites with scientific information in the field of engineering materials and related technologies, etc.).